2020/10/30 – 11/01: Kirigami & Tenshiko Online performance

Kirigami and Tenshiko are performing live on Friday October 30th, and you can watch this performance from the comfort of your own home!

Kirigami and Tenshiko are a couple both in ropes and in life. They have been teaching and performing in different European cities since 2012. In 2016 they opened School of Rope Milano, where they teach traditional bondage three times a week to local students and foreign visitors. Their style is inspired by Sugiura Norio’s pictures, and Naka Akira’s bondage, as interpreted and imported in Europe by his chosen deshi Riccardo Sergnese Wildties. 

The performance starts at 21h30, but you can login into the zoom meeting from 20h30 on.

20h30 – 21h30: Supporting acts:

  • Osada Steve
  • Ropemotion
  • Ligatio
  • Wykd_Dave
  • Mosafir

21h30 – Live performance Kirigami & Tenshiko

We have professional light / camera setup, for you to enjoy a high quality stream!

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2020/10/30 - Kirigami & Tenshiko - Performance Night - ONLINE €15
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2020/10/31-11/01: Kirigami & Tenshiko Weekend Workshop pass €350
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NO DATE YET: Naked Fitness 1

Event location: Herentals (exact location announced when you have a ticket)

ATTENTION: This event WILL take place but there is NO DATE YET because of the COVID-19 measurements. As soon as the date is set, you’ll get notified. Don’t let this stop you from buying a ticket! 

At the gym, people work out. Did you ever dream of seeing them sweat naked? Did you ever fantasize about working out naked yourself?

This is your chance to make these dreams come true!

The schedule

15:00 – 15:30: Welcome & preparation
15:30 – 16:00: We’ve got some sporty people lined up for some naked workout sessions
16:00 – 19:00: You can join in to work out naked.


  • Workout machines
  • Showers
  • Sauna
  • Lockers

Important things to know

    • There is NO DRESSCODE for this event.
    • No ‘general pictures’, not even of the workouts. However, you may ask for a picture of your favorite sporty person. (yes = yes, and no = no)
    • Bring a towel, especially when you might be interested in joining the naked workouts. Also, bring soap and an extra towel to shower. Locker room & shower are available
    • No touching, no sex.
    • No disrespectful behavior! You will be kicked out if we feel you don’t comply with the rules or spoil the fun for anybody else.
    • Drinks available at the bar for very reasonable prices.

Event location: Herentals (exact location announced when you have a ticket)


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2020/06/14: Naked Fitness - Ticket €15
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