2022-11-19 & 20 : Weekend workshop Kirigami & Tenshiko

Everybody interested in the unique style of Kirigami & Tenshiko (semenawa oriented) will experience great value in this workshop. In this 2 day workshop you are given the opprtunity to deepen your knowledge of bondage in general and you knowledge of Kirigami & Tenshiko’s vision and ideas on rope. This will be an intense weekend for both models and riggers. A lot to look forward to!

Subscribtion and further info: see https://gehja.org/inschrijven/

2022-11-18 – Kirigami & Tenshiko performance night @ Fetish Café Antwerp

On Friday November 18th, Kirigami & Tenshiko give a unique performance at the Fetish Café in Antwerp. With this performance, they allow you insight in their most intimate experiences as a couple and as artists. From previous editions, we know that during the performance you can hear a needle drop because of the captivating and inspiring moments, altering and mixing emotions of love, pain, pleasure and lust. As no other, they know how to inspire and entertain you as a viewer.

Be there.

Feel free to bring your own ropes. After the performance, you can also tie at the Fetish Café.

20h00: Fetish Café opens
21h30: Performance Kirigami & Tenshiko
22h15: Bondage jam

In the ticket price, 1 consumption is included.

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2022-11-18 - Kirigami & Tenshiko Performance Night @ Fetish Café 15,00

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