2023-08-26:Lizanne & LolaNoir shooting latex videos

Lizanne and LolaNoir are getting together again for video shooting in Antwerp! Goes without saying that…

  • it will be a latex content shoot
  • it won’t be a video where they show what good girls they are, holding each other’s hands.
    Expect porn.

You’re getting the opportunity to see how such a video shooting works, and see all the hot stuff with your own eyes, live on set.

Just to make sure you have the right expectations, some key points to take into account:

  • You are not involved in any way in the video, you’re not in it, not even in the background, nobody will ever know you were there.
  • This is a video set, so some rules are to be taken into account:
    • absolute silence when indicated because of audio recording
    • follow directions on where to sit / stand in order to not be in the video
  • It is NOT ALLOWED to make pictures or videos. You’ll be kicked out of the event if you do so. No exceptions.
  • You’ll be given the opportunity to make a little video, take some pictures on designated moments with the models. Selfies are also possible in those specific moments.
  • There is no physical contact between you and the models possible. You’ll get kicked out if you touch or even ask to touch.
  • Obnoxious behaviour is not tollerated.
  • The utmost respect for the models is required and expected. 

Yes, we’re pretty strict with the rules, but we need to make sure that we only gather the right crowd.

Practical stuff

  • Session 1: 14h00 – 16h00
  • Session 2: 16h30 – 18h30
  • Location: Fetish Café – Kleine Pieter Potstraat 8, Antwerpen
  • Drinks are available at the bar during the shoot, at normal bar prices


  • €50 per session
  • €75 if you attend both sessions
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