2020/02/07 – 09: Seilartig & FrlLilly

Seilartig & FrlLilly in Antwerp @Herentals region - Details after subscription

… to teach a weekend workshop and give an incredible show!


  • Friday 07/02/2020, 21h30: Performance night @ FetishCafé
  • Friday 07/02/2020, 21h – …: RopeNight: Bring your ropes and tie if you like!
  • Saturday 08/02/2020, 10h00 – 18h00: Workshop day
  • Saturday 08/02/2020, 21h00 – 02:00: RopeNight (Invitation only!)
  • Sunday 09/02/2020, 10h00 – 18h00: Workshop day

Intensive two-day Workshop with FrlLilly & Seilartig


FrlLilly & Seilartig teach rope classes on a weekly base in their dojo in Berlin. Details and precision are very important to them, because they believe that optimization of skills will lead to the biggest possible amount of safety and fun with rope.
Cause only the rigger who knows exactly what (s)he does, is able to concentrate fully on their partner allowing them to completely relax into the tie.
The workshop thus contains content for both rigger and bunny.


The level of the workshop is ‘beginner to advanced’. This means you…

  • Have some rope experience, and have an understanding of the basic concepts of rope handling
  • Are aware of the concept of the Takate Kote (any style / variation will do) and have at least an idea how to tie one. No problem if it is not perfect – the workshop will go into details on that as well – but a basic idea should be there
  • have a sufficient set of rope (if you don’t have some, or want a new set, get in touch and discuss)

If you’re unsure about your level / experience, please get in touch and tell me about your experiences. We’ll discuss and find out if the workshop is something for you.

Getting in touch is best done by email at ligatio@ligatio.be

The workshop consists out of 4 parts:

Day 1: The Devil in The Detail
We want to improve your skills with you. Therefore we will individually work with you on the aspects most important for your progress. We will start by together assessing your Three Rope TK, expanding your knowledge and understanding thereof by providing insights in rope handling, finger movement and hidden techniques,

Day 1: Playing with Gravity
Floorwork, Semi Suspensions & Pain management (Bunny)

Day 2: The Devil in the Detail 2
We will introduce and practice some patterns needed in the rest of the workshop.

Day 2: Leaving the Ground
Improving your suspension skills:

  • Speed & Safety in the air
  • Dealing with stress situations
  • Fast & efficient suspension line management
  • Intro to transition: How to move from one to the next position
  • The body in the air – possibilities for rope bottoms

Pratical details

  • The Performance Night ticket price includes:
    • access to the Performance Night and RopeNight on Friday
    • A glass of cava (or another drink) after the performance
    • access to the RopeNight (to tie or to watch)
  • The workshop ticket price includes:
    • access to the Performance Night and RopeNight on Friday
    • access to the 2 days of workshop
    • access to the RopeNight on Saturday
    • drinks on both workshop days (Water, tea, coffee) and small snacks / refreshments (feel free to bring anything else you fancy!)
  • The workshop ticket price does not include
    • lunch (but it is possible to order a sandwich in the morning, and we’ll make sure they’re available for lunch) – feel free to bring your own lunch a fridge is available, as is a microwave.
  • Other important things to know
    • The workshop will take place in the suroundings of Herentals. Exact address information will be given upon registration
    • If needed, you’ll have to take care of your own sleeping arrangements. Antwerp is a 30 minute drive, but the Herentals region has some very nice and affordable hotelrooms / airbnb / … If you need assistance in finding something, please get in touch.
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20/02/07 - Performance Night - Seilartig & FrlLilly €15
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2020/02/08-09 - Seilartig & FrlLilly Weekend workshop €300
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