2020/10/30 – 11/01: Kirigami & Tenshiko

Kirigami and Tenshiko are back in Belgium for a full weekend of Naka inspired bondage.

Kirigami and Tenshiko are a couple both in ropes and in life. They have been teaching and performing in different European cities since 2012. In 2016 they opened School of Rope Milano, where they teach traditional bondage three times a week to local students and foreign visitors. Their style is inspired by Sugiura Norio’s pictures, and Naka Akira’s bondage, as interpreted and imported in Europe by his chosen deshi Riccardo Sergnese Wildties. 


We will approach traditional semenawa from a practical and theoretical point of view, understanding the iconic patterns of the style, and the philosophy behind them.


  • Friday 30/10/2020, 21h30: Performance night @ FetishCafé
  • Friday 30/10/2020, 21h – …: RopeNight: Bring your ropes and tie if you like!
  • Saturday 31/10/2020, 10h00 – 18h00: Workshop day
  • Saturday 31/10/2020, 21h00 – 02:00: RopeNight (Invitation only!)
  • Sunday 01/11/2020, 10h00 – 18h00: Workshop day

The Tk

We will analyse a Naka inspired TK, understanding Wildties’ work in making it suitable for the western body. The differences with an original Japanese TK will be described both from a technical and philosophical point of view. We will underline news details and cues optimized during the last year, and formalized during Kinbaku Luxuria’s educators research group in 2019. 

Basic patterns

Some iconic patterns of the style will be taught and put in use. Both floorwork and simple suspensions will be part of the schedule. Each basic pattern will be used to teach a skill that can be carried over and used in several other ties.


Depending on the level of participants, some basic ties will be variated and transformed into new shapes. Variations are didactically skill-oriented, and participants will improve rope and body handling while experimenting with new ties.

Weekend Workshop ticket includes
  • Access to the performance night / RopeNight on Friday
  • Access to both days of the workshop
  • Access to the invitation only RopeNight on Saturday
    => for a duo.

Tickets for the online performance night

Due to restrictions, not all people willing to attend the performance night can do so. Therefore, we’re going to broadcast the performance as well via a Zoom meeting. Buying this ticket allows you to follow the performance with one zoom connection. You will get the zoom link by email on the day of the performance. The performance starts at 21h30, but you can login into the zoom meeting from 20h30 on. Online entertainment will be provided!
We have professional light / camera setup, for you to enjoy a high quality stream!

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2020/10/31-11/01: Kirigami & Tenshiko Weekend Workshop pass €350
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2020/10/30 - Kirigami & Tenshiko - Performance Night €15 Tickets are sold out.
2020/10/30 - Kirigami & Tenshiko - Performance Night - ONLINE €15
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