Tickets – Terms and conditions

Terms and definitions

The customer: The person buying a ticket or any other product from
The organisation: The people organizing or facilitating the events for which tickets are being sold on and/or by third parties


By purchasing one or more tickets, the organisation commits to:

  • organize the event unless unforeseen circumstances prevent the organisation to do so
  • fully refund the sold ticket(s) in case an event was cancelled , if the customer explicitly files an application for a refund latest 5 days after the event was scheduled
  • inform the customer in case of important changes or cancellations of an event. The customer however recognizes that the organisation does so ‘best effort and cannot guarantee successful communication. Not receiving important information can never empower the customer to claim anything from the organisation.

The customer explicitly acknowledges and accepts following conditions by purchasing one or more tickets:

  • The customer states that he / she is at least 18 year old, and accepts full responsibility for his/her actions. An identification document can be asked at the entrance of an event.
  • The required information from the customer to purchase a ticket or to engage otherwise with the organisation shall be truthful and correct
  • under no circumstances is a ticket refundable
  • under no circumstances is a ticket transferable
  • the dresscode is written in the event description. The customer acknowledges to have read the dresscode, and understands he/she needs to comply with it. At the events, the organisation has the final say, and entrance may be refused in case of a non-compliant dresscode. Even in this case, the customer will not be refunded for the bought ticket or any other cost.
  • all guests at all events are required to adapt their behavior to the event, but respect towards fellow creatures is of utmost importance. When the organisation decides behavior of a customer is not compliant with the spirit of the event, the organisations has the right to either refuse the customer, or exclude him/her from the event. This shall in no condition lead to a refund of the ticket or any costs made by the customer. If a customer’s behavior is non compliant with the laws of the country in which the event is organized, an official complaint will be filed, and prosecution will be conducted.
  • any form of narcotics is strictly forbidden at any event, as is overly alcohol consumption. Both are deemed unwanted behavior and will lead to exclusion of the event, with no refund of the ticket or any other cost. The judgement of the organisation is final, and the customer gives up his rights of reply. If any actions of a customer are in contradiction with the law, an official complaint will be filed.
  • the customer takes part in the event at his/hers proper risk. This means the organisation is never liable for any occurring damage to property of the customer, nor to injuries of any nature, both physical and psychological.
  • every customer is responsible to warn the organisation in case of problems, misbehavior of others or anything which is out of the order for good conduct of the event. Failure to do so is a reason for the organisation to exclude a customer, with no refunds of ticket or any cost.

This ‘Terms and conditions’ are subject to changes, without prior notification. Customers are obliged to read and accept these conditions with every purchased ticket.