Updated schedule for Ero Expo Fairs

We’ve got – based on some very good feedback – a new schedule for the upcoming 3 Ero Expo fairs!

  • Hasselt (08 – 10 November),
  • Antwerpen (14 – 16 February)
  • Gent (06 – 08 March)

Feel free to download / share / print / post / … the images below!

Buy your tickets for the Fetish Club on the Ero Expo at the Fetish Club Entrance!

Fetish Club – Schedule: The English Version
Fetish Club – Schedule: The Dutch Version

Carlos Perón @ Fetish Café

On November 1st (yes, the holiday! :-)) you’ve got the exclusive opportunity to see the amazing Carlos Perón LIVE at the Fetish Café.

But that’s not all! They’ve got the following Lineup:

  • Carlos Perón
  • Hybryds
  • Karl Hefner & Hugh Lagerfeld

In between shows you can watch a Bondage performance by Ligatio & lizanne.

And then there is the after party by DJ G.U.R.U and DJ H8RED

Don’t miss this opportunity!
Get your tickets (€35) via info@fetish-cafe.com

This is a strictly 18+ event

Ero Expo – Experience to get tied up yourself

Ever wanted to get tied up? Curious what it feels like? Meet us at the Fetish Club at the Ero Expo on Friday 22h00 and/or Saturday 17h00 (come a little earlier! ;-)) if you’re up for that. Attention! The time is limited, so we can only have a few experience this. Please make sure you’re in a suitable condition to get tied up! (as in sober, fit and relaxed). No dresscode applies – but it’s a good idea to wear something comfortable, if you want to wear something 😉