Kirigami & Tenshiko – Online performance

On October 30th, Kirigami & Tenshiko are coming to Antwerp for a weekend of sharing their knowledge and views on bondage with us. On Friday, they will treat us to a view into their private ‘rope life’. Their intimate performance will provide us an insight in their relationship.
We’re giving you the opportunity to see this performance from the comfort of your own home. We’re broadcasting this performance live from the Fetish Café. Book your ticket now!

Fetish Beats – Postponed

Hi Fetish Beats enthusiasts!

It probably does not come as a surprise, but the scheduled Fetish Beats 21 from September 19th 2020 will be postponed. When we go for Fetish Beats, we want all of you to go all in, and with the current restrictions, that is impossible. We only want to make this party happen when the most important piece of the party-puzzle (yes, that is you, you lovely crazy mofo!) can enjoy without inhibitions or restrictions.

Since nobody knows what will happen when, we choose to not set a fixed date for the next edition. However, in our heads we aim for September 2021 as a new direction. But we’ll see.

Stay safe and healthy!


Seilartig & FrlLilly – After the weekend

For those who were there, this post is a nice memory.
For those who weren’t there, this post will make you feel sorry for missing the goodies!

What an incredible weekend it was!
On Friday, we had the performance night at the Fetish Café. Amazing venue, interesting light setup, and incredible performers! And of course the most lovely audience in the world! It was a night to remember… See below for some picture. Convinced yet to keep an eye on upcoming events?

On Saturday and Sunday the weekend workshop took place. People attending gave us some feedback…

Thanks to @FrlLilly and @seilartig for great help and @Ligatio and @lizanne for facilitating this great workshop. 

Je tenais à t’envoyer un message pour te remercier du superbe accueil lors de ce workshop ce week-end, nous avons beaucoup appris auprès d’Alex & Lilly, mais rien n’aurait été possible sans vous deux non plus !!

Encore merci pour tout! C’était un super week-end.

So next time, be there (again!)

Fetish Beats 1.1: “das ist doch Wahnsinn”

Het was een ongelooflijke eerste editie van Fetish Beats!


  • Omdat het DJ Duo de dansvloer waanzinning bespeelde
  • Omdat de aanwezigen graag deelnamen aan het interactieve entertainment
  • Omdat de venue alles en de medewerkers alles gegeven hebben
  • maar vooral… OMDAT JIJ ERBIJ WAS!

Laat hier maar horen wat je ervan vond. Kom je volgende keer ook? Een nieuwe datum wordt snel aangekondigd!

Slippery Fun: The aftermath…

Het event kondigde aan:

Imagine a pool with lube in it.  Imagine 2 girls, wearing nothing but hairbands around their ankles and wrists, fighting in that pool to capture each others hairbands… 

Only, we have 4 girls competing to be the winner, and take home the bottle of champagne!

That’s exactly what we’re going to make happen!

The fights

2 girls are tossed in the pool of lube, wearing noting but hairbands around their ankles and wrists. They are given exactly 2 minutes to capture each others hairbands, and make sure they keep their own. Do you think the lube in the pool will make it any easier for them? After the 2 minutes, the one with the most hairbands wins the round.

… en dat is exact wat er gebeurde! Wat een schouwspel! En daarna waren er natuurlijk de challenges, waar menig bezoeker gretig gebruik van maakte om zich te meten met anderen.

Wat een fantastische middag!

We hebben ook veel geleerd

  • 2 minuten worstelen is langer dan je denkt
  • Worstelen in glijmiddel is nog leuker dan het klinkt
  • Glijmiddel is écht wel glad
  • Een fles champagne in’t vooruitzicht wakkert de fighting spirit wel degelijk aan!
  • De gezamelijke warme douche achteraf zorgt voor verbroedering en verzustering!

Was je erbij? Dan horen we graag hieronder wat je ervan vond!

Was je er niet bij? Dan had je ongelijk, je had er moeten zijn! Maar geen nood, er komt nog een Slippery Fun aan! Hou onze agenda in de gaten!

Fetish Beats 1.1 – Interactive entertainment

As you already know from the flyer and the Non Social Media compliant video we’ve got some interactive entertainment for you at Fetish Beats 1.1. It’s hot, it’s spicy, and of course still a little secret! But, we’ve got some hints for you!

Wanna know? Read on!

The first hint… Any idea what it might be?

The hint above was easy, right? How about the next one?

The second hint. Maybe a little harder to guess?

Okay, puzzled? Looks dangerous huh? Triggered?
You might have been to a lot of fetish parties already, but we’re sure you ain’t seen this yet!

Of course, much more entertainment to experience! And you’ll be a part of it! Make sure not to miss out on this. Get your tickets now!