NoRopeRetreat Alternative: The Milan Episodes

For several years now, the ‘RopeRetreat‘ has been organized in France. Due to circumstances, the location is not available any more, so the event is skipped to 2023.


There is an alternative! Do you fancy Milan? Do you fancy an intense week of workshops? Then the summer of 2022 won’t be boring to you! Check This Out!

Fetish Club @Ero Expo Antwerp

After all these skipped editions, the Ero Expo fairs are back! Only a few weeks ago Gent was an enourmous succes, and on May 6, 7 & 8, Antwerp will be the scene of the not to skip erotic event of the year.

FetishSquare is hosting together with the Fetish CafĂ© the “Fetish Club” at the fair, with an incredible schedule. All kinds of fun, kinky and hot stuff for you to explore and to get to know. Questions? The fetish club is the place to be. Looking for someting to try? Welcome at the Fetish Club. Experienced and want to meet like minded people? Yep, again, the Fetish Club is the place to be!

You can watch or participate. NO obligations whatsoever. Make sure to meet us there!

General info about the Ero Expo:

You’ll find different events, shows, experiences and forms of erotism there!

Please note that you can get your entrance ticket at the Fetish Club as well. No need to buy upfront, decide on the spot!

Sunday May 30th: Shooting day

The place to be if you’re in for making pictures and video in a unique urbex themed private location

What we offer:
  • a location – urbex style (see images / clip) that is fully private for you to use.
  • You (model / photographer) can attend, and use the location to the fullest.
  • Every type of fetish, concept, idea is allowed (within legal range of course :-)) for you to explore and take pictures/video/… of
Who are you?
  • Models and photographers / videographers
  • Content creators (if you’re a model posting / selling content, this event is ideal for you. An new environment allowing you to create unique content for your followers and fans is provided)
  • People who enjoy exploring photography / video / … for their own pleasure or expansion of skills
  • People who want to take the opportunity to make nice pictures for themselves in a new location
  • People who enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while exploring knowledge, talking to like-minded people and get to know others for future collaborations.

Check out the event description and book your tickets now. Spots are limited!

Eclectic Episode I – Rebroadcast

Good news! Because of high demand and very positive feedback we’re rebroadcasting the first Eclectic Episode. If you had a ticket for the first broadcast, it is valid for this as well! This means you can watch again!

This time, we’re planning 2 broadcasts, so you can watch at any time of your convenience.
Broadcast 1: Friday May 28th – Login from 21h30 for the ‘preshow’. The main show starts at 22h00
Broadcast 1: Saturday May 29th – Login from 21h30 for the ‘preshow’. The main show starts at 22h00

What is this all about?
Watch this!

Get your ticket NOW!

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Fetish & BDSM week – places limited

Due to bookings coming in, the available spots for the Fetish & BDSM week 2021 are getting scarce. The What?
Read all about it here

A quick recap:
– from July 11th to July 17th 2021 (you come and go whatever fits your schedule)
– for everybody with a general interest in Fetish, BDSM, Bondage, …
– ‘all-in’ holiday under the French sun
– Rooms / tents available
– Entertainment, workshops, fun, relax, holiday, swimming pool, …

Read the document to be found here and subscribe. Get in touch in case of questions or remarks!

Eclectic Episode I

We’re proud to announce ‘Eclectic Episode I’. What is it? A mashup of images, video, music, sound effects, … All with a weird, fun, sexy and provocative twist. Not really sure what to expect? Good! The more open and curious your mind is, the more new things will be able to flow in. Immerge yourself in this online broadcast and soak up the visuals that are coming your way.

Q: When?
A: April 23rd 2021. Login from 21h30 to make sure you have all the technical details sorted out, and at 22h the broadcast starts. 45 minutes of ‘Eclectic fun’.

Q: What do I need to have the best experience?
A: Rig up your best screen and speakers to a laptop or mobile device of your choice. You need a browser, and and internet connection. Different qualities are streamed, to whatever suits your bandwidth best is to be tested from 21h30 on. Remember, it is a broadcast. You’re not sharing your image. Webcam etc is thus not needed, nor can you use it

Q: How do I prepare for the Eclectic Episode?
A: Get a nice drink, get put on your favorite fetish outfit. Or maybe your dancing shoes. Or wear nothing at all. Whatever you like, it’s up to you. You are responsible for your best experience. You do need a ticket of course. See link below.

What to expect? Well, have a preview…

Get your tickets for the Eclectic Episode here