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Fetish Beats 1.1 – Tickets available

Yes! It is happening!

Tickets for the Fetish Beats 1.1 Party on Saturday November 30th are available.

Please do note we have a strict dress code policy.

  • You’ll pass the dresscode if you wear
    • Nothing but latex
    • Nothing but leather
    • Nothing but wetlook
    • Nothing at all
    • A strictly themed outfit, such as dirty schoolgirl, naughty nurse or slutty secretary
    • Topless
    • A tailored suit, including white shirt, a (bow) tie and fancy shoes
  • You won’t pass the dresscode if you wear
    • Streetwear (regardless of color)
    • Lingerie / underwear (even Burlesque won’t get you in)
    • clothing that doesn’t make us go ‘wow’ 🙂

Please acknowledge we put a lot of effort in getting this party up and running for you. Show us you put the same effort in your outfit!

Get your tickets now!

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Fetish Beats 1.1 – The flyer

Next step! The flyer for the first FetishBeats Party is ready! Feel free to share / like / admire / masturbate on / enjoy / print / distribute / it! More info is coming soon for this not-to-miss-party. Keep a spot in your agenda on November 30th.

Fetish Beats 1.1 – Flyer

What we already can share:

  • Tickets available soon
  • Entrance fee €30/person
  • There is a STRICT dresscode
  • You’re gonna have loads of fun and dance to incredible tunes

Please note that the doors open at 22:00. You can enter until 00:00. After midnight, the doors are closed, and no new admittance will be allowed! The party continues until… we’re done partying!

What if you could win a ticket for this party…? That ‘d be pretty neat huh? Subscribe to the mailing list, and win your free ticket!

Fetish Beats 1.1

Heads up! We’re gearing up for a brand new Fetish Party Concept. It’s gonna be so cool, you don’t want to miss this party!

What we know already…

  • We’ve got an amazing location in Antwerp
  • We’ve teaming up with a famous DJ. And he is incredible (and so is his track record!). We’re guaranteed to have dirty electronics and dark techno
  • The date is Saturday November 30. Make sure to put that date already in your agenda. Do it NOW. No excuses!
  • We’re queuing up cool entertainment for you. Stay tuned for more info!

We’re still working on…

  • A flyer (shooting is planned!)
  • Ticket sales (it’s going to be great value for money!)

Win your tickets

In a couple of weeks, we start with the weekly raffle to give away free entrance tickets for all kinds of Fetish events. How do you get in? Simply subscribe to the mailinglist, and check your inbox regularly to see if you’ve one. Please note:

  • For privacy reasons, the raffle is silent: This means the name / email address of the winner is never publicly announced!
  • If you want out (but why on earth would you want to do that? ;-)) you can unsubscribe from the mailinglist.

Don’t forget to subscribe, and good luck! See you soon at one of the events!