Fetish Beats 1.1 – Tickets available

Yes! It is happening!

Tickets for the Fetish Beats 1.1 Party on Saturday November 30th are available.

Please do note we have a strict dress code policy.

  • You’ll pass the dresscode if you wear
    • Nothing but latex
    • Nothing but leather
    • Nothing but wetlook
    • Nothing at all
    • A strictly themed outfit, such as dirty schoolgirl, naughty nurse or slutty secretary
    • Topless
    • A tailored suit, including white shirt, a (bow) tie and fancy shoes
  • You won’t pass the dresscode if you wear
    • Streetwear (regardless of color)
    • Lingerie / underwear (even Burlesque won’t get you in)
    • clothing that doesn’t make us go ‘wow’ 🙂

Please acknowledge we put a lot of effort in getting this party up and running for you. Show us you put the same effort in your outfit!

Get your tickets now!

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2 thoughts on “Fetish Beats 1.1 – Tickets available

  1. Hi,
    We have a question, is the fetish beats party only a dance party? Or are there also play eareas or possibilities, or is it even allowed to have sexual activity during the party as this is part of our fetish.
    Thank you in advance!
    Regards J&J

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for your question!
      It is mainly a dance party. This means it’s not the idea to have a full blown play session (better not to bring all your BDSM gear) but of course play is allowed and possible.
      Sexual activity of any kind (as long as it is consensual of course!) is certainly allowed! (or encouraged? ;-))
      Looking forward to see you there!

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