Fetish Beats 1.1 – Interactive entertainment

As you already know from the flyer and the Non Social Media compliant video we’ve got some interactive entertainment for you at Fetish Beats 1.1. It’s hot, it’s spicy, and of course still a little secret! But, we’ve got some hints for you!

Wanna know? Read on!

The first hint… Any idea what it might be?

The hint above was easy, right? How about the next one?

The second hint. Maybe a little harder to guess?

Okay, puzzled? Looks dangerous huh? Triggered?
You might have been to a lot of fetish parties already, but we’re sure you ain’t seen this yet!

Of course, much more entertainment to experience! And you’ll be a part of it! Make sure not to miss out on this. Get your tickets now!

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