Fetish Beats 1.1 – The flyer

Next step! The flyer for the first FetishBeats Party is ready! Feel free to share / like / admire / masturbate on / enjoy / print / distribute / it! More info is coming soon for this not-to-miss-party. Keep a spot in your agenda on November 30th.

Fetish Beats 1.1 – Flyer

What we already can share:

  • Tickets available soon
  • Entrance fee €30/person
  • There is a STRICT dresscode
  • You’re gonna have loads of fun and dance to incredible tunes

Please note that the doors open at 22:00. You can enter until 00:00. After midnight, the doors are closed, and no new admittance will be allowed! The party continues until… we’re done partying!

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